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Machine à laver Automatique Sharp 11 Kilos à chargement haut

310,000 CFA

    • Machine à laver Automatique Sharp 15 Kilos à chargement haut
      • Intelligent Waterfall System
      • Washboard Texture Stainless Steel Tub
      • Auto Start After Blackout
      • Safety Lock
      • Equal wash and less tangle



310,000 CFA

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  • Hole-less Drum –  For cleaner hygienic laundry as it prevents impurities from getting into the tub
  • Gentler on Clothes – the Fabric threads of your clothes are protected from getting damaged by friction against holes, allows smooth washing
  • Save up to 30% of water with the hole-less tube
  • Air Dry System – Remove most of the moisture remaining in the clothes
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto tub cleaning