HP Envy Silver 13th Generation Intel Cori7 16gb 1tb Ssd Win11 X360+Touchscreen+Backlite Keyboard 14″ FULL HD IPS Display

HP Envy Silver 13th Generation Intel Cori7 16gb 1tb Ssd Win11 X360+Touchscreen+Backlite Keyboard 14″ FULL HD IPS Display

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Specifications of the HP Envy x360 14-es0033dx

Here are the specs of the HP Envy x360 14-es0033dx with descriptions of its features. For comparison against other laptops, you can use the “Compare Specs” button.

Laptop Type2-in-1 convertible laptop PC

2-in-1 means the laptop can convert itself into a tablet PC.

2-in-1 PC with 360-degree hinge

The hinge allows the display of the laptop to fully rotate, enabling additional stand and tent tablet modes.

PerformanceMid-range performance

The mid-range performance of this laptop allows you to easily complete your daily home and office computing tasks. It additionally has some potential for heavier duties like professional photo and video editing. However, if you regularly do these tasks, a high-performance laptop is recommended. More info about performance of the laptop can be found in the CPU, GPU, RAM, and Storage sections below.

Screen Size14-inch

The 14″ laptop screens are a compromise between portability of 13.3″ or smaller laptop displays and comfort of the popular 15.6-inchers.

Screen Resolution1920×1080 pixels Full HD

Full HD is the most common laptop screen resolution today. It provides a good image sharpness and a decent amount of space on the display for the user interface and programs. However, it isn’t as good as the top-tier 4K Ultra HD.

TouchscreenFinger multi-touch input

The screen supports finger touch input, including multi-touch gestures.

Other Display SpecsIPS type

Displays based on IPS technology provide much wider viewing angles than the budget-class TN screens.

Learn about laptop PC displays here.
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i7-1355U 13th Gen

The i7-1355U is one of the fastest laptop processors from the mainstream Intel Core U series. But, it isn’t as fast as its high-performance Core H and P series i7 counterparts. On the positive side, the i7-1355U and other U series CPUs have lower power consumption than them, while delivering excellent performance for most tasks, including the heavier ones like multimedia creation.

The laptop’s processor (CPU) is the main chip of the system and a very important computing performance factor.
Graphics (GPU)Intel Iris Xe graphics

The Iris Xe graphics of the 11th, 12th and 13th Gen Intel Core processors delivers an improved, yet still basic, 3D gaming performance over the widely used Intel UHD. But, it greatly lags behind the gaming-class GPUs like the Nvidia GeForce GTX / RTX series found in gaming-class laptops. Overall, the Iris Xe is suitable only for light gaming.

Graphics processor (GPU) is the main factor for 3D gaming performance. It also affects performance of other graphics intensive tasks like some image and video editing operations.
System Memory (RAM) Size16GB RAM

16GB and greater RAM sizes are recommended for heavy multitasking, gaming, and specialized programs that require a lot of RAM.

System memory (RAM) size determines multi-tasking capability of a laptop – how many tasks and programs you can run at the same time. Some programs and games may require large RAM to run properly.

Learn about RAM of laptop PCs here.

Data Storage1000GB (1TB) SSD

1TB is an excellent storage capacity. The sizes above 512GB, including 1TB, are recommended for those who store a lot of large files.

Storage capacity determines how much data you can store locally on your laptop. SSD storage is much faster than HDD storage.

Learn about laptop PC data storage here.

Keyboard & InputKeyboard without dedicated number pad

The laptop has no separate numeric pad you can typically find on the right side of the keyboard on many laptop models.

Keyboard backlight

Keyboard backlight makes typing in dark environments easier.

Touchpad with click buttons built into the surface

The left and right click buttons are built into the surface of the touchpad, as opposed to separate physical buttons.

Speakers & AudioStereo speakers

As usual, the device features a pair of built-in stereo speakers.

Combo microphone and headphones audio jack

This laptop has the ordinary 3.5mm combo audio jack that supports both headphone output and microphone input simultaneously.

CameraFront-facing web camera

Laptops usually feature a frontal webcam located on the display bezel. This laptop is no exception.

Wireless & NetworkingWi-Fi 6 802.11AX wireless

The 802.11AX is the latest Wi-Fi wireless networking standard. It’s also known as Wi-Fi 6. When connected to 802.11AX-compatible routers, the 802.11AX modules in laptops bring improvements over the older standards in terms of data transfer speeds and multi-device connectivity.


This laptop has a built-in Bluetooth module. It enables you to wirelessly connect the computer to Bluetooth peripherals like Bluetooth mice and keyboards, as well as to smartphones, and other compatible devices.

USB Ports1 x USB-C

Un type compact de port USB, que l’on trouve couramment dans les ordinateurs portables et les téléphones modernes.

2 x USB Type A

Une paire de ports USB pleine taille.

Ports de sortie vidéo1 x HDMI

HDMI est un port de sortie vidéo numérique largement utilisé. Vous pouvez trouver des ports d’entrée HDMI sur la plupart des écrans d’ordinateur et des téléviseurs.

Sortie vidéo via USB-C

L’ordinateur portable peut fournir une sortie vidéo numérique via USB-C.

Lecteur de carte multimédiaLecteur de carte MicroSD

L’ordinateur portable dispose d’un emplacement pour les cartes mémoire MicroSD. Ce sont de petites cartes SD couramment utilisées dans les smartphones.

Autres caractéristiquesLecteur d’empreintes digitales

Cet ordinateur portable est doté d’un lecteur d’empreintes digitales intégré. Il améliore la sécurité et facilite les connexions au système, sans saisie de mot de passe.

BatterieCapacité de 43 Wh
La capacité de la batterie d’un ordinateur portable de milieu de gamme typique varie de 40 à 50 Wh.

La durée de vie de la batterie varie en fonction de l’utilisation, des paramètres et d’autres facteurs.

Poids3,4 livres
Couleur du boîtierArgent
Version WindowsWindows 11 Home

Windows 11 Home est destiné aux utilisateurs réguliers d’ordinateurs à la maison et au bureau. Seuls certains utilisateurs professionnels ont besoin de l’édition Professionnelle.

L’utilisateur peut passer de la version Windows Home à la version Pro moyennant des frais supplémentaires à tout moment.
garantie1 an

Garantie typique d’un ordinateur portable.

Année de sortie2023

L’appareil portant ce nom SKU particulier est vendu sur le marché américain. Il peut également être disponible sous différents noms de SKU aux États-Unis et dans d’autres régions.

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