Tecno Phantom V Fold Mémoire 512 Go Ram 12 Go
Tecno Phantom V Fold Mémoire 512 Go Ram 12 Go Le prix initial était : 780,000 CFA.Le prix actuel est : 699,900 CFA.
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Tecno Phantom V Fold Mémoire 256 Go Ram 12 Go

Tecno Phantom V Fold Mémoire 256 Go Ram 12 Go

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Le prix initial était : 710,000 CFA.Le prix actuel est : 639,900 CFA.

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Tecno Phantom V Fold Mémoire 512 Go Ram 12 Go
120Hz Optimally-sized
Flagship Dual Screen
Ultra-flat Main Screen
Curved Sub Screen
Aerospace-grade Innovative Hinge
Virtually Crease-free
< 0.11mm
Screen Crease
Ultra-clear 5-lens
Camera System
256/512GB ROM
Ultra Selfie
Sub Screen for Preview
MediaTek Dimensity 9000+
4nm Flagship Chip
36 Month Fluency
Rating A
45W Super Charge
120Hz Optimally-sized Flagship Dual Screen
Impressive on both Inside and Outside
Optimal screen sizes of the foldable redefined, with numerous studies into global mobile
usage. A whole new immersive visual experience brought to life with a pair of
top-grade main and sub screen displays.
7.85″ Ultra-flat Foldable Main Screen1
Virtually Crease-free
Unfold endless possibilities with the virtually crease-free, ultra-big main screen. Entertainment or work, extended and immersive experience at hand!
8:7 Optimally-sized Main Screen
Flexible Amoled Display
2K+ Resolution
90% Screen-to-body Ratio2
6.42″ Curved Sub Screen
Fits Perfectly in Your Palm
Classic 21:9 ultra-big display with the unique micro-curved design. Gain perfect command, with the terrific sub screen.
Optimally-sized Sub Screen
Flexible Amoled Display
1080P Resolution
90.1% Screen-to-body Ratio3
Fabulous Experience Comes in Double Tecno Phantom V Fold
Dual High
Dual High
Color Accuracy
10.7-bit Colour
10-120Hz Self-adapted
High Refresh Rate
20% Consumption Reduction
1100-nit Peak
P3 Color Gamut
Colour Depth
Aerospace-grade Innovative Drop-shaped Hinge
Virtually Seamless and Crease-free
Reimagine the foldable from every dimension that can be imagined,
whether size, material, or the ground-breaking hinge design.
Born to be exceptional.
Innovative Propriatory Hinge Design
Crease-free Screen with High Durability of over 200,000 Folds
Made from aerospace-grade materials. Lightweight yet strong. Folded, it fits tightly. Unfolded, virtually no crease can be noticed.
Exclusive Fixed-axis
Rotate & Slide
Minimized Screen Crease,
Maximized Service Life
Reverse Snap
Increased Structural Stability
A Combination of High
Strength and Light Weight
Virtually Crease-free Visual Experience
screen crease4
Folded times in lab5
>200 000+
Ergonomics on Fingers
Excellent Experience at Your Fingertips, Folded or Unfolded
Redefine the optimal screen sizes of the foldable with extensive researches on usage scenarios and users’ hand operations of the main and sub screens.
Dual Micro-curved Design
Finess Found in Details
Micro-curved sub screen and back cover. Comfortable when held single-handedly.
Cosmic Design
Premium Touch from the Inside Out
Cosmic-inspired main camera and back panel design. Grab the spectacular universe in your hand.
Skin friendly classic leather
Crafted with renewable organic silicone leather
Premium in Look
Friendly to Skin
50MP Super Night Camera
Capture Any Glamorous Moments, Especially in the Dark
50-megapixel main camera with super light-sensitive custom sensor. Capture the minutest of details to retain every exquisite nuance.
Super Night Portrait
Super Night Mode Tecno Phantom V Fold
Super Night 4K Video6
All-new Photography
Experience, Unlcoked
Ultra Selfie
Sub Screen for Preview
Flagship 4nm MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ Chip
Leading Performance Powered at the Core
PHANTOM V Fold is equipped with MediaTek’s flagship 4nm D9000+ chip.
Higher performance. Lower power consumption. Better thermal control.
Multitask seamlessly on a big screen! Tecno Phantom V Fold
The Flagship Performance Trio
Flagship 4nm
MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ 5G Chip
Thoroughly adapted for the foldable. Enjoy the flash experience
even when multiple Apps run simultaneously.
Ultra high-speed data transfer. Theoretical speed up by 20%8.
Ultra high-speed data read. Sequential read faster by 100%9.
5000mAh Super Battery10
45W Flash Charging
Powered up to 40% within 15 minutes,
fully charged within 55 minutes11.
Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint sensor integrated in the power key. Unlock your phone instantly with an intuitive touch.
Dual Stereo
Providing immersive
stereo sound effect
HiOS 13 Fold
Born for the Foldable
Developed and thoroughly adapted for the foldable.
A new world of the foldable thus unfolds.
Apps Adapted for Big Screen
TOP 1000
Apps 90% Adapted
for Split Screen
Mode & Multi Windows Mode12
Immersive Visual Experience on Big Screen
Impressive Tablet-like View on Your Palm
Perfectly navigate the delicate balance between portability and
Up Your Game on a Big Screen
Wider horizon, better vision to take command at full throttle. Sure to win!
Efficient and Productive
So You Lead the Way
Interactive experience and gesture operations designed for big screen.
Empower your efficiency like never before.
Your super productive workstation on the go.
Split Screen with One Finger
in Just a Swipe
One finger to rule them all, just one swipe down to split your screen into two. Multiple tasks solved at once.
Parallel Windows
Complete tasks in fewer taps. Split the screen in-app to bounce between multiple windows as you will. Attain the ultimate efficiency.
Drag & Drop
Anywhere You Want
Share your content freely and efficiently, anywhere you want. Drag from one screen and drop in another. File sharing made easier13.
One Leap
Don’t stem the flow of your creative juices, sync your phone and PC for a fluid extension of your work space. Pick up right where you left off whether on your phone or PC. Drag and drop files, copy in one screen and paste in another. Revolutionary smart working experience14.
Aramid Fiber Protective Case
Exclusively Designed for PHANTOM V Fold
Aramid Fiber Protective Case
1. Screen size is measured diagonally in the full rectangle, accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area might be slightly less due to the rounded corners and camera hole.
2&3. The screen-to-body ratio of the main screen is calculated by dividing the AA display area by the overall shape of the device when unfolded. That of the sub screen is calculated by dividing the active area (AA) by the area of cover glass (CG).
2. Screen-to-body ratios are based on measurements in TECNO LAB. Results are rounded to integer.
4. 0.11mm screen crease is measured on a new device.
5. Results measured in TECNO LAB.
6. Super Night algorithm for video is built into Ultimate video enhancement feature.
7. Compare to MediaTek Dimensity 9000
8. Results measured in TECNO LAB.
9. Compared with UFS2.2. Results measured in TECNO LAB.
10. Based on dual parallel battery, rated value at 2310mAh/8.98Wh+2550mAh/9.91Wh; typical value at 2380mAh/9.25Wh+2620mAh/10.19Wh. Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Rated battery capacity is 4860mAh for PHANTOM V Fold. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environments, usage patterns and other factors.
11. Based on testing in TECNO’s Charging Laboratory; maximum wired charging power supported is 45W, attainable using TECNO’s proprietary flash charging kit. Actual charging power, speed and time may vary depending on individual product, software version, device usage, charging conditions, battery aging and other factors.
12. “Global TOP1000 APPs” claim does not include games.
13. Drag and drop only available in some Apps, e.g., AI Gallery, File Manager, Email, messaging Apps.
14. One Leap function is currently available on the MEGABOOK S1 and MEGABOOK T1 computers.

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